Fast & Fun Family Game!

Turn your kitchen into a playground with Point Salad - the delightful digital take on a fast-paced, card-drafting, family board game! Craft the ultimate salad by snagging carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cabbages, or peppers, and customize it to perfection based on unique recipe requirements.

In the world of Point Salad, veggies and recipes are your key ingredients. Every recipe comes with its own scoring rules, so whether you're stockpiling tomatoes or aiming for a well-balanced mix, it's all about the recipes you snag. It's a lively, family-friendly game that's now available for fun battles against friends and family online, or even against salad-lovin’ AI opponents!

On each turn, dive into the market and choose between 2 fresh veggies or a tempting recipe. The market refreshes, and your opponents join the veggie hunt. Multiple recipes can make use of the same veggie so strategize to collect the perfect combo.
The game wraps up when all veggies and recipes are gathered, and the crowned champion is the one with the most points. Let the salad showdown begin!


Cross-platform online multiplayer
Private online games with friends
Synced progress across all your devices
Play against AI(or multiple AIs!)
Local multiplayer with friends on the same device